Thursday, 10 May 2012

Top 5 Anticipated Games

So, I'm currently writing an article for The Escapist, which means the blog might be taking a back seat for a while in favour of something that I might be getting paid for. So here's a quickie to keep all three of my readers happy: the top 5 games that I'm looking forward to playing in the near future.

5.South Park: The Game.
I'm a decent fan of the show, and Matt and Trey are actually working on the development team (rather than just handing the licence to an outside dev). I'm not a massive fan of basic turn-based RPG combat, but if it keeps the humour and personality of the show that should be enough reason to buy it.

4. Beyond Good and Evil 2.
Okay, I know this is a longshot, but there was a story up on The Escapist recently that BG&E 2 is still being made. Loved the first one, second sounds good too. You can read the story here:

3. Antichamber.
If MC Escher was a game developer who worked exclusively while on acid, the product would probably be something like this. Obtuse to the extreme and full of intriguing puzzles/mindfucks, this looks like an indie puzzler dream. There's a free demo kicking around the internet somewhere (from back when it was titled Hazard: The Journey of Life), so you should have a look for that.

2. Bioshock Infinite
The first Bioshock was a great game. The second not so much, but mainly because it was just harping on the first. But with a fresh new city (in the sky!) and a host of new plasmids (they're called vigors now but they are fucking plasmids) this new installment is set to rival the first.

1. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Oh man, where to even begin here. First, it's a horror game from Frictional, some of the best horror minds in the business. But even better, development has actually been relegated to Thechineseroom, makers of indie experimental darling Dear Esther. Now while Dear Esther itself wasn't a horror game, it did have elements that could have made it effective as a horror game if that had been the direction they'd decided to take it (Beautiful atmosphere, very subtle elements, a few mindfucks snuck in). And their previous game, a sourcemod called Korsakovia (look it up, it's free) actually was a fairly effective horror game with good pacing and atmosphere. AND this one is due for an October release. Considering the fairly ordinary line-up we've had this year, A Machine for Pigs could very well earn my Game of the Year award.

So there it is. If I find time later on I might do a Top 5 "Games that look like they'll be pretty crap" list.

Until next time.

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